Saturday, March 16, 2013


 Today's produce: grapes @ 99/lb, bananas @ 44/lb, cantaloupe $1.29, lemon 67 cents, berries $2.99. this will only last a few days here, then it's on to canned pineapple, peaches, pears, apple sauce, mandarins, and dried craisins, raisins, dates in baking and/or oatmeal.
 Took advantage of St Patrick's day specials to replenish: 10 lbs potatoes $3.49, 5 lb red potatoes $1.46, cabbage 49 each, 2 lb carrots $1.29, red onions $1.39, Romaine hearts $1.99. organic baby spinach $2.49, organic baby salad greens $2.49. Nothing exciting or exotic here, just basics.
Grown in USA (hard to find at Aldi's) tomatoes on the vine @$2.49. Looks like 7 tomatoes here so one/day for our salads @ 36 cents. Not bad.

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