Friday, March 8, 2013

Poor service


I am contacting you regarding today's plowing service. While I remain pleased that you (or your worker) has always shown up to clear the driveway, the quality of the plowing service has ever increasingly been a concern. Today's was the worst, prompting me to contact you.

Please see photos attached.
Specific concerns:

1-the first picture is of the flaring to the road, left side of the driveway apron, as you enter from our road. Although clearly marked with a red reflector, this was not cleared enough. My children wait for the bus in this area; this is a safety concern.

2-the second picture is of the same area, this time referring to the right side of the driveway apron, as you enter from the road. Please note where my red snow shovel is, is where it flares out, yet is even less cleared off than the left side (see comment # 1)

3-the third picture is of the curving to the left part of the driveway (again clearly marked with a red reflector as well as my red shovel again to show how far off to the left this curve should be cleared). The first few times the drive was done, there was maybe a feet or 2 of distance from the border-I let it go. This is way off this time. This area is used daily, so ease of access is a concern

4-a general overarching concern since the beginning of engaging your service, is the fact that although this is a paved driveway, which can be unusual for this town as most are gravel, the plow blade is not being dropped far enough to thoroughly scrape the driveway. While I understand that there will be some residual snow, what is being left behind in unacceptable. My children, including a special needs child, walk the driveway 2x's/day to take the bus to school, the blacktop must be clear for safety.

I'd like to continue to use your services. My concerns can easily be addressed by dropping the plow blade down, doing additional pass throughs as needed, by turning around perhaps in the road and swinging through in the opposite direction driving towards the open garage/carport and better clearning the "curve" of the driveway, as well as the apron entry areas.

I would appreciate a response from you, as regards my concerns. Thank you.


I am a disgruntled customer. Worse is that I referred this service to a friend just up the street, she complained to him early on this season, and between her and her DH, phoned 5 times!-never getting a response. With her last billing, she deducted $10 from the charge, and enclosed a note explaining why-he hadn't taken care of the areas she previously recommunicated to him about. While today's plowing service at her home was better, it's still not up to par, she and her husband have decided to not use him next year. Her difficulty has been in finding someone who will actually show up. I will grant that this guy does show up, just the job I am being charged (and my friend as well) is simply not up to par. I shoveled for at least 45 minutes today, clearing my walkway and the snow in front of the open garage/carport (no issue there) but to have to shovel the entry apron, the curve as well as the sides of the driveway? Why am I paying this guy what he is charging? The price he is billing me for, is in line with other quotes I got for this place. What is at issue is expecting to be paid for a job really poorly done. Really? in this economy?

I hope to hear from him. Per his website, "We will return a phone call or email within 2 hours. We care about your snow removal needs and will make every effort to ensure you are satisfied." Um, I emailed at 1:50, it's almost 3 hours later. Ideally, he would have returned to redo the drive. It's moot now, as I took care of it. Temps will drop tonight and anything left on the driveway will refreeze to ice.


j udy said...

Hope you hear from him. We are lucky the guy who does our lawn(and he does it in exchange for piano lessons for his son from our son) also clears our snow. We really haven't had much this year but he has been out to salt each time.

Plus best of all we managed a barter!

CTMOM said...

Sadly, I have yet to hear from him. I anticipate that he'll be in his office sending e-bills out today. If he's on the computer doing that, I assume he'd be also reading his email? Certainly not following his protocol, as indicated on his website. Not happy.
Luckily, this hopefully will have been the last plowable storm of the season, but March is fickle in New England. I recall being pregnant with DS #1 on March 30-1 with DX away plowing overnight, and I was due in a few weeks! So blizzards can happen in the next few weeks. Keeping this plow guy for now (he did show up to my friend's house even after she shorted him on his last billing) so hopefully he'll keep me on his list as well.