Thursday, March 28, 2013

Planning ahead for upcoming surgeries


After 7 months of PT, dropping from 2 x's a week to once, I returned to my orthopedic specialist to discuss what to do next, as I still have some limited movement, and considerable pain, noting that I do have a high pain tolerance. Pain usually means something not good. : (

We discussed options:
-cortisone, which was choice #1 back in early September. Nope, since I had responded so well with PT, that is out
-be more patient, give it another month and see? Your choice.
-is it time for more diagnostics? can do it now, or wait a month.

I got a MRI last week, and saw the MD this week. I have a torn rotor cuff, which will not heal on it's own. Surgery is now the only option. I discontinued PT, to keep my coverage days for post surgery.

Now I am making arrangements: having Mom fly up to be my nurse and help with the kids for a few weeks while I mend, contacting my immediate boss as well as HR and getting my paperwork in, getting a RX for pain pills now to be at the ready.

I will have my surgery on May 15th, I wanted to wait until AP tests were given, get my students thru the curriculum needed. I will be off work for at least the last 2 weeks of May, perhaps until the end of June, depending upon how things go. Once/if I do return in June, I will be on strict restrictions with the use of my arm.

In the meantime, I have to be very careful with my arm. No more hanging clothes, carrying stuff, bringing wood in, etc. Time to rally the troops!

Another factor in getting this done now, is changes in insurance, which may mean a high deductible plan, which wouldn't pay a penny until I hit the deductible. So this surgery will be covered under my insurance now, perhaps not in July. Ditto my 2 x's week PT that will be required for 6 weeks.

Additionally, college girl is on break this week, and will be seeing an oral surgeon (same as her brother's who recently had his wisdom teeth extracted). That cost me about $255 out of pocket.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

Sorry your response to PT wasn't good. My sister had it quite badly and the PT worked well. She had been sure it would take surgery. My DD was just diagnosed with a different shoulder ailment so I know how painful it is. Hoping your surgery goes well and the recovery even better. Dr. told DD that if she does have surgery, it would hurt like hell for a month and then the pain would be gone. I hope he supplies meds, because she has a pretty low pain tolerance. I have a sore shoulder too but so far both drs I have seen didn't want to x-ray it. And have done nothing about it. Guess I need to complain more.

CTMOM said...

Thanks for the well wishes. I did respond to PT quite well, in fact, when first diagnosed as "impingement" I could barely move my arm. PT for month, 98% mobility is back, but the pain remains, is worse at times, and there is a popping sensation in my shoulder. I knew there was an underlying cause. Xrays back in Sept ruled out arthritis, which I was worried about. This is a tear of the tendon, away from the bone in my shoulder-sounds pretty gruesome right? It could be worse, and i have great faith in my MD.