Sunday, March 17, 2013

Planning ahead for a busy week

Whenever possible, I try to do things ahead on the weekend, to help the upcoming work week go more smoothly. Case in point: the almost ready to go, corned beef hash "kit" I made after dinner. Tuesday night will be hash night, so I intentionally cooked some extra potatoes tonight, knowing that I'd need them for Tues. Water was boiling, why not capitalize on that? Additionally, right after supper, I took the remaining 1/2 of the corned beef that I cooked, and whirled it through the food processor, to grind it up for Tuesday's hash.
We have some medical appointments after work on Tuesday afternoon, resulting in me returning later than I care to, in order to start supper. We do still need to eat, and I do not want to stop at some drive through window for many reasons. I need to be proactive, when I know that a situation such as this exists. So, I have a hash making kit. Once home, I will need to start the hash by cutting up and sauteeing some onion, then adding the precooked and cubed potatoes, meat, black pepper (I omit salt as the corning process leaves enough). As that crisps up, I'll set about getting the rest of dinner prepared and we should be eating at the usual time, if not close to it.

Monday afternoon is even worse; I've already decided that I'll be serving the meal sized container of chicken-vegetable-noodle soup that I made today, along with some crackers. Simple, done. Sandwich fillings are at the ready, as are lunch box cookie treats, iced tea is made. It's all a go.

Laundry caught up, not that I ever let it linger once there is a full load to wash. Outfit for tomorrow set out, with a plan B shirt if needed, as I am finding that with recent weight loss, a lot of my tops are too big, and are being donated. I don't have time/desire to try everything on at the moment, so it'll be a divide and conquer effort for now. I've affixed a string top kitchen garbage bag onto the door handles of one of my closets to aid in the donation effort.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

I don't know where you get all your energy. Of course, I did hit 70 in January, so it's not surprising that mine runs out early some days. I went to the assisted living to visit my Mom today and noted while chatting that the black turtleneck I was wearing was totally frayed along both sleeve edges. I probably have about 4 more black ones, so I guess this one is going to the rag bag next time it's washed! I agree it is time to go through the closets again, but I sure hate to throw out these old favorites. However, I also hate to look like a bum without a good reason! So guess that my closet needs attention soon. While I was gone, the Vietnam Veterans called and husband said they will have a truck in the area soon and will call the day before to remind us to gather our donations. BOOKS! You can barely get rid of old books around here, and as two former English majors, we do have a lot of them! So books and my closet extras will actually get picked up at the door. Doesn't get better than that!