Friday, March 29, 2013

Planning ahead: entertainment


Since first learning of my upcoming surgery, I have been on the lookout in earnest, for a DVD player for my bedroom. While I saw some at the thrifts, most were VHS or a weird DVD/CD player that appeared to be one of the first DVD player models. Prices were in the $15 range.

After looking on line, I found a basic DVD player for just under $25 at WM-not my top choice for stores but certainly affordable for me. While there, I also restocked my printer ink and got some needed therapeutic  
games and a game controler for special needs kidlet.

I know that I will literally have to keep a low profile as I heal, so DVD's are a good option for me.


Belinda said...

We have the $25 one from Walmart and it has worked great for a few years now. :)

CTMOM said...

Belinda, great to know! While I was hesitant to grab what they had at the thrift shops for DVD players, $25 is a great price point for me, for a very basic DVD player for my room. I have no need to spend $80-$100 on the more upscale models there!