Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pantry items

 2 bags tortilla chips @ $1.19, 2 boxes cocoa packets $1.19, 2 boxes "cheerios" @ $1.69, 2 boxes "honey nut cheerios" @ $1.69, 5 cans of "healthy choice" tomato soup @ 50 cents, one was free (see post on fish), 2 16 ct boxes Lipton tea @ 25 cents each (equates paying $1.56/100 count box!), 2 pkgs Wacky mac colored Farfalle noodles @ $1, 2 pkgs Penn Dutch egg noodles @ $1.17, 4 cans Aldi's ck lite tuna @ 69, "splash" juice @ $1.79, Juicy juice @$1.79, Aldi's apple juice @$1.69, large canister oats $2.19 (significant price jump, it had been under $2 all Winter), 2 boxes "cheez its" @ $1.29, 4 lb bag sugar @$1.69, bottle Star red wine vinegar @ $1.19, Domino organic Agave sweetener (I've been wanting to try this) @ $2.39 normally $4.29-so a nice savings there)
2, 3 ct pkgs gum @ 99. Many would think nothing of stopping at a gas station and paying $1.50 for one of these packets alone. I much prefer 33 cents. : )


Nancy said...

Those packages of gum made me smile. Just another one of those little perks that most people just don't think about. A dollar here, a dollar there, and it all adds up. In addition to providing my family with a good amount of groceries at a reasonable price this store also allows us some 'treats' such as that gum, their brand of "slim jims' and beef jerky (which are favorites of my boys), and candy as well. All at prices well below what I'd pay elsewhere.

CTMOM said...

The cost of sundries can certainly burn a hole in your pocket, and budget. Much better to think ahead, keep a running list for the grocery store, pack a lunch, etc. We are really watching out expenditures at the moment, saving everything we can.