Thursday, March 7, 2013

Not again!


Came home from work today . . .to a cold house. Sigh. So,  I called the LL, she told me to call the oil company, with whom she has a service contract and have them come out. She mentioned that she had yet to hear from them on a quote for the part the tech from Monday's service call, advised having installed. Really irks me as I made a point of phoning the company on Tues, and making sure that they knew to contact the LL with a quote and I made sure that they had her contact info. Nothing for 2 days.

Manager who answered the phone was pleasant, apologetic and tried to pass this off as not a big deal, we've been amking sure to get an accurate quote, blah, blah, blah. Excuses. Sorry, this isn't rocket science. Look up the part on line, get the amount to charge off of the website, look up in the service tech book approx time to bill out for labor, add taxes, done. @@ I am not buying that. Secretary or whomever is responsible to do this, dropped the ball.

 I explained that it appears that I now have the same problem for the second time in 3 days! Had the LL been contacted, this may have actually been a service call to install the part. I again confirmed that they had the contact info and will be contacting the LL soon.

While I was waiting for the service tech to arrive, I noted that the furnace kicks on, tries to work, shuts off after a few minutes, only to repeat this after about 15 minutes.

Tech arrived, looked at my thermostats, and actually had to adjust them as they were set for forced hot air, not hot water system, so that should save me $ he said. He then checked the furnace-yep! it's sending an error code. He looked it up, a sensor was shot. Replaced it, and no charge-it's part of the plan that the LL has.

So I am back in business with heat and hot water. Now we await a Nor'easter overnight that may knock out electricity.


j udy said...

Well on the good side maybe the change to the thermostat will save you some money

Lili said...

What an absolute pain you've had to deal with, Carol! I don't know if I would have the same level of patience as you. Hope all is fix by tonight and you can be warm again. Thank goodness you have the wood stove.

CTMOM said...

Anything that will save energy, therefor save money is welcomed!

CTMOM said...

One perk of having this expensive oil company is that they do repairs 24/7. LL has been very responsive to heat issues, this isn't her fault. Stuff breaks. According to the oil tech, the sensor that broke is not a part that is normally an issue, it's a lifetime part of a furnace, and this furnace is 8 years old. Stuff happens. I am weary, however, of heat/hot water issues.