Saturday, March 2, 2013

No outing to a diner here!

Saturday at home, with the boys away on visitation, gives me the opportunity to handle many tasks, uninterrupted. Planning ahead, I intentionally cooked extra tater tots last night, so as to easily make a potato and onion country 2 egg omelette this morning, with a side of rye toast (my last piece), coffee and OJ (not pictured). This easily would have been $10 plus tip at the local diner. A bigger bfst than I usually have as I will be doing a lot of extra physical tasks: lugging in firewood, doing the trash/recycling, culling sticks  off of the yard for fire starting, hanging laundry, scrubbing down the bathroom, etc. Eating at home is a true money saver for me.

Leftovers for lunch, nut no worries, I hardly feel deprived. The rest of the hamburger and macaroni from this week, l/o corn, l/o brussel sprouts. Perfect.

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janie said...

Looks so good. Enjoy and hope you get many tasks done today.