Sunday, March 31, 2013

My freezer is my friend

 We left for Easter lunch this morning, with my largest crockpot "baking" a spiral sliced ham (a cut I normally don't buy as I find it dries out) that I paid approx. 44 cents/lb for. College boy was working and wanted an Easter supper. I figured that we'd have Easter dinner here at home. Unfortunately, he bailed and I was stuck with a cooked ham. No worries, we had sliced ham with some canned baked beans for supper.
I drained the broth out of the CP; it's refrigerated now so that I can first remove the solidified fat layer from the top before freezing for a future soup. The meat? Not one to waste, I ground it all up, portioned it into 3 baggies for BBQ ham meatballs, a ham loaf or even ham patties.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

I so agree with the pre-sliced hams being easy to unintentionally dry out.
Was able to find one under 6 lbs so bought one this week ($1.69/lb, which is good for this area--with $1 off coupon also.)
I grind it when we tire of it too, and use it for ham loaf, and also for throwing into omlettes, which I occasionally have for lunch when nothing else presents itself. Love a ham and potato omelette!

Anonymous said...

Sorry he bailed, but I'd love to know how you make your ham loaf.

CTMOM said...

shara, check under my recipes tab for "Marcia Adams ham loaf recipe."