Saturday, March 2, 2013

Meat on a budget

 I hit 2 Stop and Shops tonight, on opposite sides of the city. Store number one did not have Oscar Mayer franks on sale but store # 2 DID. I used 55 cent coupons that were doubled, on top of the sale price, paying $2.89 each out the door. I try not to pay over $3/pkg and I only buy certain brands. Aldi's bacon $3.49; Johnsonville 3 cheese Ital sausage: I used a 75 cent coupon that took $1.50 off so I paid $2.49 for these 2 links. Since I use sausage as a flavoring, I'll probably get 4 meals out of that.
Boars' Head is easily $8-$10 )or higher!)/lb and I simply can not afford it. I can, however, pick up sale priced packaged meats, stacking a coupon on top to make these 1 lb pkgs $4.99 out the door.

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