Saturday, March 23, 2013

Marshalls today

 List of Spring/Summer wardrobe needs, DD and I hit the shops today, including Marshalls, where I found this red with white dots 3/4 sleeve blouse,
 this coral-hot pinkish, scoopneck T (this color looks really good on me!). I need to try on both tops, hopefully they will fit.
 We looked at short trench coats (some were designer @ $180! which was Marshall's discounted rate). I ended up with this Esprit creamy taupe jacket with coral orange trim. Fits me very smartly, too! $40.
And SHOES!  3 identical pairs of White Mountain, flower embellished, leather flats in black, silvery grey, medium navy @ $25. 2 pairs of Tahari brand flats: a taupe flat with a Chinese medallian on top, a pair of cream with black like spectator pumps with 2 small brass buckles on top @ $40. Very cute. I also got a pair of burnt red Naturalizer sandals for the Summer @ 25. Very happy to find good quality, comfortable work shoes. I've been limping along with wearing out brown and a pair of black flats. Still some life in those, I polish weekly to keep them going. The brown are going to be sent to the cobbler's to be reheeled.

While I normally do NOT splurge like this, having set aside funds monthly, I am able to shop when I do find things that I need and like. Definately set on footware for some time to come! These (besides the sandals) will carry me well into next Fall/Winter as well.

I also bought a 1 cup, glass measuring glass and a replacement, hand held (this one is OXO-great company that produces items for people with hand issues like mine)micro grater for Parmesan cheese. I discovered a crack in my old one this past week.

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