Sunday, March 17, 2013

making soup

 We cleaned out the fridge last night, preparing plates with bits of this n that to chose from in an effort to C.O.R.N. and avoid food waste. Normally it would have been soup night, but I got home late from shopping. So this morning, I set about making a pot of soup. I tried to start off small, using a smaller Dutch oven to sweat off the mirepoix of carrots, celery and fzn organic CSA scallions. I used reserved chicken fat from home made stock to do so. Have you priced out butter/margarine and cooking oils lately?
 I had a lot of stock to use, so I moved to my Le Creuset Dutch oven. That's better.
 I added my stock.
 The rest of some French green beans, some leftover chicken that I set aside and chopped.

A quart of organic, CSA home canned tomatoes (only one quart left, then I move to my pints. With fewer at home, pints are a better size for me now). I also added some fine egg noodles (with more than just what is left in this jar)
I checked the veggie drawer and unearthed some organic spinach starting to go. I rinsed it, culled thru it (with some going to the compost bin) and added the rest to the soup pot. Black pepper, home dried organic CSA basil was used for seasonings.

A beautiful pot of soup made out of next to nothing, for so little cost. What they are charging for commercially prepared soups (easily $2/can to feed 1 1/2 servings) is a crime. This is what's on the menu for lunch today, as well as a choice of chicken salad:

also made for next to nothing. I simply chopped the leftover roast chicken breast, added some chopped celery, minced onion, tarragon, black pepper and mayo. The local stores get $8/lb for this. I can make it in minutes. Whatever isn't eaten today, will be in Monday's lunches for school/work.

I now have 6 individual lunch sized containers of soup prepared (3 in the fridge, 3 in the freezer) as well as a meal sized one as an emergency back up for dinner this week. Once again, we have late afternoon appointments to contend with as well as getting an economical, nutritious meal on the table. If I feel pressed for time, and especially as the forecast calls for rain/snow mix which means damp and raw weather, a big bowl of homemade soup may prove to be just the ticket on such a night. If not eaten come Wed, I'll decant the rest of the soup into meal sized containers and freeze that as well.

The fridge is in great shape: produce and dairy replenished, leftovers for the most part gone (meatloaf and chicken salad for sandwiches early this week, soup as well for work lunches, one serving of coleslaw).

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Nancy said...

I love homemade soup and it truly is one of the most inexpensive meals you can make.