Friday, March 8, 2013

Last night's baking

 In anticipation that today would be a snow day, and that we'd have a possibility of losing power, I baked last night (which did add some extra heat to the house!). I took advantage of one of the 50 cent boxes of red velvet cake mix I recently purchased and made a batch of red velvet lite cream cheese frosted cupcakes, using frosting I had leftover (homemade). Eggs, oil, some sprinkles were all that I had to add besides water (free). So call this 24 cupcakes for $1. Sure beats the 6 count package at the local store bakery section for $4.99.
Since the oven was on, I also mixed up a batch of Aldi's brownies, using eggs, oil, water and gifted to me, SC pecans. These will find their way into lunch boxes next week.

So treats are back on the counter top, but made for pennies compared to the cost of premade items. While baking from scratch is usually the more economical way to go, some scenarios such as a 50 cent cake mix, $1.19 brownie mix make the opposite hold true. The same for boxed angel food cake mix, and perhaps pound cake (I haven't bought that in a long time. I recently made one of the 2 lurking boxes (expired) from my baking cupboard. I need to price that out again).


janie said...

Baking this am as well.

Hope all works out well for the heat.

Anonymous said...

Smart move!

I am always amazed as to how no heat is no problem for those not without