Saturday, March 16, 2013

I always think of repurposing before throwing anything away

This is the brown, Kraft paper, inner bag from a pkg of sugar that I bought today. The outer bag was recycled, but this one was opened up on the seam, flattened out and is now folded and with the paper towels. The next time I fry something that needs to drain on paper, I will turn to this vs using a paper towel. Saves me pennies, but my pennies are adding up.

Today was trash day. I had 5 tall kitchen bags full of "refuse" in my car. One was actual trash that I had to pay for, along with a small, plastic grocery bag from cleaning out the cat boxes. The remaining 4 were all recycling from the past 2 weeks. Recycling 80% of our "refuse" is excellent, in my book.


Belinda said...

I like this idea! I'm going to do this too. :)

CTMOM said...

All Kraft paper in this home is saved: for pan frying, or for wrapping packages in the mail.