Monday, March 4, 2013

Houston, we have a problem!


Someone* must have known something. I am home on a sick day, fighting off a migraine. I actually went back to bed once the kids were on the bus, waking at 9:20. Imagine! Started my daily routine, noting that the room seemed cold, and I had thought that I reset the thermostats since I'll be home, keeping the heat up to 65, stopping it from going down to 60, which it is programed to do in our absence. I checked the bedroom zone, it is calling for heat, yes I did reset it, and the current temp is 59.

I checked that there is still oil in the tank (hey, you never know). I checked the 2 other thermostats-same issue, calling for heat, really low temps. Sigh.

Got the wood stove going, called the LL, who called right back and we've set up a service call. Furnace was just serviced and a repair made. Now what is the problem?

I ended up using the kitchen sink and a basin to wash my hair and have a sponge bath, using water I heated on the range. No furnace=no hot water. Luckily, I know what to do so basic needs are/can be addressed.

So now I wait for a service tech. At least one perk I have with  a rental, is not incurring these service bills.


janie said...

Hope you feel better and the heat comes back on.


Belinda said...

Oh no, Carol! I hope you can get it looked at ASAP and get some heat back on today. It's awfully cold to be without. Good thing you have the wood heater.

CTMOM said...

Service tech arrived and diagnosed that somehow air got into the system and messed up the furnace's ability to fire. So, he worked his magic, heat and hot water are back for now. He will have someone contact the LL with the quote for something called a Tiger loop that eliminates this air infiltration issue. Hopefully, she'll give the green light on that. I don't want to wake up to no heat/hot water again.

Lili said...

Carol, won't you be so glad in a few years, when you've bought your own home and can fix things the right way?! If nothing else, all these hassles that you've endured this winter will make anything you have to go through with your own home, someday, simply pale in comparison!