Saturday, March 9, 2013

Heating oil budget update


Another fuel delivery this week: great news! The cost of oil dropped down to $3.95 (down 10 cents/gallon from the last delivery a few weeks ago) AND our daily consumption rate has dropped from 9.6 gallons/day to 6.6 gallons/day.

I am accounting for this drop in usage to the replacement of the faulty zone valve that was heating the L shaped enclosed porch aka dining room/bar/office area, even though I keep that area closed off with fabric door/window opening "curtains" made from old, flannel sheets and keep the temperature set at 60. It got as hot as 71 degrees! Ack!

Additionally, having the furnace serviced for it's annual tune up certainly could have contributed to this improvement. Now, I await until Monday to have the part installed which will also improve efficiency and stop the furnace from shutting itself off.

Additional news: since crunching the numbers and tweaking the budget to pull extra funds to help cover these ridiculous heating bills, I've been keeping track of our usage, the charges etc:

Feb 21, 2013-Mar 7, 2013 used 99.2 gallons @ $3.95/gal $391.74 (15 days =6.6 gallons/day)

I still have $706.24 left in my budget, supposedly to get me thru to Aug 14th. Hmmm . . while that may cover the hot water from June thru Aug 14, I don't think I'll be able to pull THAT off, as I will still call for heat from Mar thru at least April!  I do plan on eventually switching over to running the central heat a bit in the morning while we dress, and a bit at night before bedtime for showers, then relying solely on the wood stove for warmth in the evenings, we aren't anywhere close to that time yet. Luckily, we still have plenty of food on hand, I suspect that I'll pull funds from the grocery budget to accomplish this, yet still be able to send funds over to the House savings account every month.

Now that I have a better sense of how this home uses oil, should I renew my lease here, I'll move to a budget plan, so as to have even payments.

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