Monday, March 11, 2013

Going to plan B

 Got home from work, just to bring a kidlet over to the MD-he has a really badly sprained volar plate of the middle finger of his dominant hand. This happened in PE. Nurse called not a big deal, just letting you know. His hand was so swollen when I saw him . .luckily I was able to get him in to the hand orthopedist, got Xrays, etc. So the original dinner had to be scrapped, no I don't want pizza-how about trying those frozen Asian spice Tilapia fillets? I baked those off in the table top convection oven while I filled a measuring cup with the rest of the Jasmine rice, adding plain, white rice to mix up 1 cup's worth total of rice. I grabbed a bag of mixed veggies out of the freezer, microwaved those.
Here's my supper plate. Very spicy, far too spicy for my (and my GERD's) tastes, so while I won't buy this again (there are other versions to try), this made for a quick, at home dinner on a budget.

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Belinda said...

They look delicious, Carol. But I don't eat spicy foods, so I would be trying the other varieties as well.

Hope your son's finger heals quickly, sounds painful. :(