Friday, March 8, 2013

Furnace update


Pictured above is the furnace part to be installed Monday morning, while I am at work. Oil company called me today, the secretary had just spoken with the LL, got clearance to install this part, which will take the bubbles out of the oil lines, and prevent what happened on Monday, from happening again. Looking at the repair/service card down cellar, it looks like this was a problem at least once before. When I asked if the part had to be ordered, the secretary told me, "Oh no, we have them right here in parts." "So you just don't carry them on the service vans?" "That's right." Hmmmm . . makes the manager's story even less believeable when he offered multiple excuses about how they were trying to work up an accurate quote for the LL. @@

Here's more info about this part:

Just happy that this will get done, LL has been really good about addressing these heat concerns.  Really looking to put this behind me. : )

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