Monday, March 4, 2013

Fish on Monday: tuna cakes & planned overs

 3 cans chunk lite tuna, one egg, some more crushed corn flakes, organic CSA dill that I dried, shredded carrot,black pepper, ,minced onion
 Planned overs: all I had to do was reheat mashed potatoes, steamed carrots and broccoli.
While the cakes were frying off, I pulled together a quick salad: organic baby mixed salad greens, tomato, grated carrot, black olives. Choice of dressings.

Here's my dinner plate, with the addition of some homemade lite tartar sauce using home canned zucchini relish, and some margarine on the vegetables. Not pictured, my salad.


Moonwaves said...

Hmm, I usually make fishcakes by mixing the tuna with leftover mashed potatoes but I am liking the idea of carrots and onions. And just happen to have a couple of tins of tuna in the cupboard that I've been eyeing up the past week or so.

Moonwaves said...

And the cornflakes - yes, definitely like the cornflake addition. (I really should read my comments through properly befor posting!) :)

CTMOM said...

The shredded veggies (I've used zucchini/Summer squash, cabbage, chopped mushroom, Kohlrabi etc) lighten these cakes-not as dense as when made with mashed potatoes.