Sunday, March 10, 2013

Finding lost $


Addressing paperwork and taking steps to stay and REMAIN organized means dealing with things that result in unexpected/anticipated reimbursements such as the recent reimbursement for towing. Tackling these things gets them off of my bucket list, and forces me to develop systems that hopefully will keep working for me.

Adding additional funds to my account will make for an easier Summer, when I do not get paid. I have 8 more paychecks until Summer, and am planning accordingly:

-menus are planned, using as much food on hand
-food made from scratch if possible
-eating seasonally, locally
-clothes from last year will be used again this upcoming Spring/Summer if at all possible, keeping expenditures to needs
-clothing for the youngest 2 means digging thru older, college boy's saved clothing to see if anything there will work for them
-will first hit the second hand shops then the deep sales racks to fill in around the edges, as needed
-laundry is about 90% if not more, air dried, soon it will be once again line dried
-heat is regulated with programmable thermostats, wood stove is used to supplement. Soon the furnace will only be used for a bit in the AM and again before bed, to get the chill out of the house. Wood stove will be primary source of heat from afternoon until bedtime, all weekend long. There really is only one more month of central heat, most appartment complexes can't shut off heat until April 15th, so that's my guideline date
-we're taking advantage of passive solar for lighting as well as warmth, and clothes drying
-the library is my source of entertainment
-no drive days are planned-just had 3.
-I will be planning inexpensive/free things to do this Summer, to save funds as well

How are you planning for your Summer?

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~Carla~ said...

Sounds perfect! I should soon be able to use my clothes line as well! This week it's supposed to be 5-10c all week! :)