Friday, March 29, 2013

DD's craft

Here's DD's first nylon cord kitchen scrubbie that she made for me, using thrift shop nylon cord fond at the Deer Hill Thrift shop in Danbury. She is now working on a second one, also in green and white, and will then move on to the red nylon corded yarn. Need to find an affordable source for more.


Marcia in rural WNY said...

Is this a knitted or crocheted item? I was gifted a couple similar ones and love them. If it is knitted, would you mind posting the pattern when time allows, or send it to my e-mail @ My crochet skills are such that it is probably not worth your time to post if it's crocheted!

CTMOM said...

Really neither. These are made on a Boyle loom

Attila said...

I crochet scrubbies out of acrylic yarn which works well too for general washing up, maybe not as tough as nylon cord, though. For tougher jobs I use homemade pads mad out of mesh vegetable bags (the harder kind) and then finally wire pads.