Saturday, March 2, 2013

Crash n burn

 Some great finds tonight, including this bag of Cardinal aka heavy with black oil seeds, bird seed 50% off because the top of the bag was sliced by a box cutter (now taped shut with packing tape by whomever did it). Very little, if any product was lost to spillage it seems.
 Much better price! I try not to spend over $8 on bird seed and this is the "good stuff". Not tallied in with my grocery budget, but rather "pets" even if these live outdoors.
20 box of tie string tall kitchen garbage bags $2.09
3 boxes spaghetti 50
seeded Italian bread from the bakery 99 cents (to be converted into 2 mini garlic breads, wrapped in foil and frozen for pasta night)
2 pkgs WW soft sandwich buns $1.39
29 oz crush tomato with basil 66 cents
2 12 oz cans tomato paste 60 cents
pears 74 cents
12 oz tomato sauce (perfect for 2 pizzas) 64

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