Sunday, March 24, 2013

Clothes shopping, round 2

 Alas, the $15 jeans don't fit so back to WM we went, as if they linger here, they will be forgotten and then simply donated, creating a waste of my hard earned funds. Besides, I still needed jeans. While at WM, DD and I hunted around for a suitable pair, ending up with 2 pairs of Lee Riders, a brand that I used to wear in my much thinner days, prechildren. These fit well, no huge gaps in the backside, no ton of extra material around the legs, and high enough at the waist to keep my lingerie covered, thank you very much! Price wasn't bad either, I paid under $20 each (forget exactly, can't find my receipt). needs list item, checked off.
Since we were right next door to Marshalls, we popped back in there to see if there were any more tops by the same designers as I bought yesterday, as they were very flattering on me .Didn't find anything in my size/colors, BUT I did end up with 2 Jones of NY cotton boatneck dressy T's @ $12.99, a Rowley navy polka dot over cream v neck dressy T @ $12.99, a split neck, hot pinkish, embroidered and cut out (think crochet-seems to be in this season)at the bottom, dressier top @ $19.99, I also found yet another pair of designer flats, this time again a Spectator type with tan on bone, and little feminine bows with brass buttons in the center. Very cute, very feminine @ $40.

Plenty of nice additions to my formerly quite sad wardrobe. Everything mixes/matches, a lot extends year round to further stretch what I have. So this cooler than normal Spring will start with me layering sweaters over these new tops. I have plenty now and am quite happy.

Only thing DD and I will need to shop for at this point, is some new underwear-we'll hit Kohl's later this week.

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Marcia in rural WNY said...

Since Mom has entered assisted living, I noticed a Marshalls near there that I have not checked out before. The one in Niagara Falls outlet mall is unusually messy and has tacky styles, IMO. I want to take a few minutes some day this week to check out the new one on the way to or from the assisted living. Sometimes I get tired of wearing the oh-so-old but still usable items, but don't want to spend a lot just to satisfy my quest for something NEW. That will be a good place to check. Thanks for mentioning it!

Since I wear a wide shoe, I rarely find deals on those, and Easy Spirits have been annoying me lately because of variation in size that should be standard! They have been the only ones I find really comfortable for some time. A couple pair mail ordered and returned at $7.50 means I won't be mail ordering anymore. The store is a half hour or more from here, but I will have to make the trip.