Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pantry items

 4 cans Aldi's OJ @ $1.29/can, a 50 oz bottle of detergent (don't need it, but the price was fabulous after sale plus cpn: 99 cents) I can't afford NOT to pick that deal up!
2 cans pineapple @ 92 cents
can mandarins @ 92 cents
2 sodas @ $1, one @ 25 cents (coupon)
2 boxes cocoa packets @ $1.19
large can coffee $5.49
box decaf tea $2.69 after coupon
bottle of Motts blends juice $1.50
3 cans albacore tuna @ $1.15
6 cans chunk lite tuna @ 69


j udy said...

We lucked out at Pathmark today. They had all there spiral sliced hams(all differently brands) marked down then a 2.00 additional coupon. So we picked up 5 hams all of them un der 5.00 EACH!!! WOOHOO two are going home with my sister. The other three two are in the freezer right now and one is going int the beloved Terra Cotta tomorrow. According to my husband I looked like I found gold when I found them at that price lol

Belinda said...

Good deals, Carol! The 69¢ tuna is a good price. It has really risen in price in the last few years.

CTMOM said...

Hee hee, Judy, I would have felt the same, a great deal on ham (stretches so well, leftovers freeze so well, a little goes a long way . . .) I guess I know what you'll be serving for Easter! ; )

CTMOM said...

Sadly, chunk lite used to be 39, 49, 59, 64 now it's up to 69 cents/can. I've turned to it as an alternative to pricier albacore, which I normally use in tuna salad. I've even been using ck lite for tuna sandwiches. Prices just keep escalating on everything.