Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Another work luncheon

Got word the other day, of a birthday luncheon to be held tomorrow. Long gone are the days when I'd make BSCB chicken salad, salmon quiche, and other, pricier recipes. These things must be economical choices. Since the weather is remaining unusually colder, I am turning to homemade soup, having selected a French Canadian pea soup recipe from my family. I pulled out a pkg of split peas (29 cent loss leader), a meaty ham bone from Christmas out of the freezer, an onion, some carrots, 1 large Bay leaf, black pepper. It's simmering away until the peas are softened and smooth. I will then remove the ham bone, chop the meat off of it, and return the meat to the soup pot. I've taken soup twice before this Winter for similar celebrations, and it has gone over well.


Frugal in Bucks said...

That soup looks very wholesome. You do some good recipes.
Sarah x

Precious said...

Yum! My mouth is watering.