Saturday, March 16, 2013

Affording meat/fish proteins in our diet

 Luckily, I've never been one to want slabs upon slabs of meat on my plate, in my sandwich or soup bowl. A slice or 2 suits me just fine, thanks. Escalating meat prices have me reducing our meat consumption, stretching what I do serve even further. Whenever I encounter a bargain on meat protein, I grab it, and freeze it for another time, as I know I may not encounter that deal again. Above are the meat proteins I bought this afternoon: corned beef flat cut briscut @ $1.79/lb, 2 16 oz (watch those weights! some are now only 12 oz) BOGO so $3.35/lkg, a marked down pkg of 1.67 lbs of stew beef normally $4.87/lb, I paid $3.18/lb (my goal is under $4) so $5.32/pkg but got an additioal 76 cents off so call this now $4.56 or$2.73/lb; a marked down pkg with 2 bone in center cut pork chops (recent freezer inventory yielded a pkg of 2 chops, so now I have a meal's worth) I paid $2.60 for the 2 chops, originally sold @ $4.99/lb, I paid $2.71/lb. A pkg of bologna-free.
A 4 ct pkg of salmon burgers normally $7.99, I got these down to $4.24 after sale and coupon.. These will be ready in 10 minutes from the toaster oven-great as an emergency meal. A 2 lb pkg of Pollock fillets (normally $4.49) and a 1 lb pkg of Salmon fillets (on sale $3.99) were both FREE.

So how did I get free bologna, free tomato soup (see other post on pantry items) and fish as well as an additional mark down on the stew beef? Easy! Aldi's had a $10 off an order of $40 or more, and Stop and Shop had a $5 off an order coupon as well. I simply applied these savings to more expensive, "extras" for the freezer. My April menus are set, so these bargains will most likely turn up in May.

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