Sunday, March 17, 2013

A typical weekly menu


One way that we save significant money, is to eat at home and to take food/drink with us when we are away from home. 

Breakfast this week:
Sun: apple-chicken sausages, free range fried eggs,yogurt, juice, coffee/cocoa
Mon thru Fri: choice of: kale-apple-chicken sausage crustless quiche, hard boiled eggs, cold cereal with fresh berries/bananas as an option, oatmeal or whoel grain cream of wheat with dried fruit options, toasted homemade oatmeal or bought wheat bread or whole wheat bagels with homemade jam/p butter/butter or margarine and cinnamon-sugar, yogurt, coffee/cocoa, juice
Sat: you are on your own

kids take home brewed, unsweetened iced tea in refillable bottles, sandwich choices: meatloaf, chicken salad, pb & j, tuna salad, ham and cheese, bologna and cheese. Homemade cookies, pudding in Tupperware cups

I make tea at work using tea bags from home and will have either leftovers or homemade soup usually. A piece of fruit or a container with canned fruits.

This week's dinners: 
17-corned beef with red bliss potatoes, carrots, cabbage
18-baked Salmon fillets(fzn), rice, corn   Substitution: Homemade chicken-vegetable-noodle soup with crackers (an overly busy schedule)
19-planned overs: corned beef hash,homemade fzn "Campbells style" tomatoe pork baked beans
21-chicken Parmesan (use fzn breaded ck cutlets) over spaghetti, salad
22-l/0-may become homemade cheese pizza night with root beer and salad as the twins will be here 
23-homemade turkey-rice soup(use fzn stock)

Snack choices: fruit, cold cereal, homemade popcorn (no micro bags), cheese n crackers, yogurt

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Nancy said...

Menu planning and sticking to a list while shopping so that we can eat at home regardless of circumstances has saved my backside many times over the years. While we all enjoy eating out I love to cook and am just as happy eating in!