Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yet another oil delivery, sigh


Yet another oil delivery this morning, and the price is up to $3.99/gallon. $426.72 remains in my projected oil budget, I seriously fear that we will go over that and some with the next delivery. Granted, these are the coldest/worst months as far as heating oil goes. I've turned the thermostats down now to 55 at night, 63 during the day, and I am hunkering down by the wood stove.

I am certain also that something is amiss with the water thermostat (or whatever it is called) in the boiler as our water is scalding hot. I also know that the radiators need to be bleed and that is supposed to help with efficiency. I've changed all of the thermostats in the house, yet the L shaped porch registers seem to be coming on all the time. Could there be a problem with one of the "zone boxes" off of the boiler? I know little about boilers, just trying to figure out what is going on.


Mary Lou said...

I'm ordering oil tomorrow. I'll let you know what I'm paying in MA. But we haven't gotten oil since December 11, 2012. So we almost made it 2 months on a tank and we also heat our hot water with oil.

CTMOM said...

This house and the heat bills just don't jive well with me. I've done my homework, a family of mostly 3 full-time with one or 2 more come and go college kids here. We are using LESS oil than the former tenant.
I've done some conservation measures. I know this house is sadly underinsulated.
I supplement with wood heat.
After each oil bill, i've lowered the thermostats even more. Don't feel I can go any lower, esp. with special needs boy.
CT state law indicates that landlords who supply heat can't lower it below 65-that was my cap, we're now at 63 and bundling up, huddling by the fire.
I'll be contacting the LL about the oil service, she never got back to me (not sure who is to schedule it), and I know what the basic plan she buys will cover and what it won't. I want to be here when the service is done so that I can ask the oil repair guy some questions:
-why is the heat coming on just in the porch L (now office and DR) when the new thermostat is set to 55 and no where else is the heat coming on?
-how to lower the hot water temp that is scalding-could that be some sort of inner part/regulator?
-how long would it take to bleed the radiators? (If LL won't cover this and if this will make an improvement on efficiency, At over $100/hour for labor, I'd have to weigh this)
I will also call the energy audit people and get a basic quote for blown in attic insulation, which the energy tech recommended. I also want to look up any rebates available. Regardless of the several$1000 estimated cost, LL would get a tax write off. I also want to ask the audit people about what appears to be MOLD in the photos taken of the attic. Big no-no in CT and one kidlet's allergies have been horrible. He's allergic to mold as is DD. I also need to inquire about any mention of reinsulating the underside of the crawlspace under the kid's bedroom and main bath, where the insulation is literally falling away from the building.

I anticipate needing to rent for 3 more years, once the kids are out of HS and aged out of some stipulations in the divorce decree. Meanwhile, a hefty downpayment is being set aside. Real estate in CT is frightfully expensive, especially in Fairfield county.