Friday, February 1, 2013

Yellow it is!

Another project finished, obviously I went with the yellow gingham-mostly because they were prelined, already cafe curtains that only required me to narrow the width and the length. Simple seams, freshly pressed, this latest project took me all of 5 minutes to complete from start to finish. Best part, it was at zero cost. I have no idea where these curtains came from, they were in my sewing stash. Since I am the one to inherit sewing items from family members, these were included and gifted to me. Scraps were set aside, I'll shred them and use them as filling for more draft dodgers, another project I need to get started on. I've made 12 draft dodgers so far, I have the porch office and dining area to do next: 8 really long ones as 2 are for triple windows, 3 are for extra wide sliders, the remaining will be for floor to ceiling, wide windows. I continue to do whatever I can as cheaply as possible to button this place up, make it more comfortable for us. Winds lately have reminded us how drafty this place can be.


Lili said...

Your kitchen is looking really cute! Give us a tour sometime, when you get it all done to your liking.

Belinda said...

They look good, Carol. Have you been able to tell a difference?

j udy said...

Love them they are so cheerful looking :)