Sunday, February 10, 2013

What to do with an empty mustard bottle?

 I transferred what I could scrape out of this Koops yellow mustard bottle (20 oz made in Wisconsin, sold at Dollar Tree-very good!)into the now open, new bottle of yellow mustard that I culled off of the pantry shelves. It was a coupon offer a few months ago. Didn't need it then, but was a good price so I took advantage of it. This morning, I shopped my own shelves. Pictured next to this nearly empty mustard bottle, is a bottle of homemade vinaigrette. I poured some of the vinaigrette into the mustard bottle, capped it tightly and shook it well. I emptied the contents back into the dressing bottle, capped the dressing, shook that well. I repeated this once.
All of the mustard is now swished clean off of/out of the mustard bottle, the dressing bottle is significantly fuller. Since I often use Dijon in my dressings, this was a no brainer for me. Avoiding food waste, getting my money's worth, even if only a few cents at best. Cost me nothing to do this, before cleaning the mustard bottle for recycling.

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