Monday, February 11, 2013

Water woes

Quite some time ago, shortly after moving into this rental, I alerted the landlord that there are some issues with the kitchen sink, apparently long standing, as a previous tenant had placed a plastic tub under the kitchen sink to catch drips. LL's handyman was called out to look at this, as well as some other concerns, deemed this passable at the time.

I went under the sink the other day, only to find several inches of brackish water in this tub and visible drips from assorted water lines. Time to contact the LL again. She sent her handyman back out again, he looked at it yesterday and determined that it is time to replace all of the water lines and some of the waste lines under this sink, as well as the faucet, which has had a pin hole leak since I moved in, constantly running water in against the side of the interior of the sink. He called a plumber and they are coordinating schedules for  a repair order this week.

One of the perks of being in a rental is not having to absorb these maintenance bills. While I certainly don't want to be known as the whiny tenant, these type of physical plant maintenance repairs need to be addressed by the landlord, in a reasonable time frame, according to CT state Landlord-Tenant laws

It's apparent that maintenance was let go around here for some time. Loose front entry steps, flood lights that don't work, leaking sinks and toilets, a non functioning powder room, rotten deck boards,major rips in window screens, non functioning storm door, non operational kitchen exhaust fan. Luckily, LL has been pretty responsive to most of my requests. I have a scheduled furnace service and additional furnace repairs scheduled for next week. Then, I will approach the LL about re-insulating the attic and the crawlspace under the bedrooms/bathroom where it is falling away from the building.

I intend to rent for a few more years, and would rather not move. The location is ideal, I've gotten the house to pretty much how I want it, this is do-able, it is not perfect, it is fine for now. I have a garage to keep the car covered, I have some land, but not a lot that I have to tend to, so costs are reduced. I am close to the road so although there is a driveway, it's not a street that has to be plowed, as is seen in many properties here. Although 10 minutes further from work than my previous home, I am 10 minutes closer to the stores and doctors in the city North of here.


Cheapchick said...

A lot of landlords are unfortunately not alerted to things wrong with their rental properties. Most would prefer to fix something now rather than have it end up costing loads later. Your landlord is probably just happy to have a decent tenant.

j udy said...

We have a family house that was left to all 22 cousins. Believe me we love the tenant because he calls when ever anything starts to go wrong. This way we can get it fixed before it gets worse.

Of course I we have a management company deals with it but they just call who ever is in charge that year and let them know and we authorize it right away.

This tenant has lived there since right after my great Aunt passed away 15 years ago. He has always paid on time and kept up the property so we love him. Every Christmas we do not charge him any rent only because there is so much he does for us and having a steady wonderful tenant is a great thing