Saturday, February 2, 2013


Never my store of choice, but I've been looking for a BPA free pitcher for storing homemade tea in. We are using up our generic Koolaid, and will be moving to home brewed tea for toting in school lunches. With the cost of sugar, this is a budgetary move as well as one in the name of better health. I also picked up a 3 ct pkg of toothpaste.


j udy said...

We do home brewed tea also(sweet tea though) but I dont make it really sweet. I stopped using juice boxes and such about a year ago. My hubby takes a thermous, both kids take sport bottles that were given to them for Christmas.

Keep watching the pennies and the dollars will take care of themeselves

CTMOM said...

Judy, years ago, I stopped with the juice puches (Capri sun at the time was the only brand making big enough sized ones for the older 2, and I still needed 2 for each twin (one for school lunch, another for snack)so I went to refillable bottles. We're on our third set I believe. The generic Koolaid was a concession as they weren't too keen on the idea of plain water-something that I have repeatedly and will continue to repeatedly offer. Brewed tea is an option that they prefer. I pay next to nothing for tea bags, so this is a big savings, just by eliminating the 3/4 of sugar used every other day (pouch calls for a full cup, I cheat); )

Nancy said...

We make our koolaide (sometimes the Aldi brand, sometimes the name brand depending on sale prices, what Marc's has available) with less sugar as well. Kids and I agree it is far too sweet with the entire cup called for on the package. In the summertime I drink a lot of ice tea (not so much in the winter) and while we all enjoy the relatively inexpensive cans of Arizona ice tea from Aldi they are a special treat and I do make tea 'from scratch' as well. Sugar free since I prefer mine that way and the kids add their own sweetner to their glass. Oddly my teens prefer water in their sport bottles over a sweetened drink.

CTMOM said...

I grew up drinking iced water. Quite the rage around here, has been for years. Seems everyone constantly has a water bottle or refillable water bottle with/on them, ditto my students.
I buy Aldi's Koolaid packets, really cheap: something like 12 packets for 89 cents verses 4/$1 for Koolaid brand elsewhere. Years back, I set my price book limit to 10 cents/packet.

Sugar is expensive, due to the global shortage.Look at the now 4 lb bags to trick consumers into thinking that they are actually getting the same as 5 lbs. I'd rather reserve my sugar for coffee, baking, jams.