Friday, February 8, 2013

Valentine's Day baking

Using up some lurking pantry ingredients, I've set about making a batch of Valentine's Day cupcakes, using a lurking (shh! expired) cake mix, eggs, oil, water. Baked off, they actually came out to 23, not 24 and there was really no way to steal a bit of batter here and there to make up for the missing 24th. No real issue, however.

As the cupcakes were baking, I set about making some frosting. I used this cream cheese-buttercream frosting recipe:

When I went to add the food coloring, I noticed it was pretty much empty (I rarely use it, DD is the one who does).
 So I cut the top off of the small, plastic squirt bottle and added a few drops of water to "wash" it out, and did the same with the cap.

Just enough! The frosting is a nice, light, baby pink to top the now cooling cupcakes, which I will later assemble, decorating with a variety of Valentine's Day sprinkles that I have on hand already.

So 23 cupcakes it is, using what I already have on hand. Kids are happy, even college aka "Farm boy" is looking forward to having some when he comes back on Sat/Sun, depending on the roads once we're through this blizzard.

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DW said...

I won't tell about the cake mix, especially since I just used a recently recently expired mix to make a cake for an office potluck. ;)