Sunday, February 10, 2013

Today's freebies

 Today's freebies: Farm boy brought me 17 organic, free range, Farm fresh eggs. I was down to 2 eggs, which makes me feel that I MUST go grocery shopping for some reason! Nice perk. : )
 The contents of a MRE Farm boy found in his car from one of his friends. Wet naps, paper napkin now stored with emergency picnic supplies, Splenda in coffee/tea cabinet along with packet of instant coffee (not a preference but good in a pinch), salt on the stove for cooking.

A salt and pepper packet from a Spork and condiment pack I came across in the kitchen drawer. Spork now in with emergency picnic supplies, salt and pepper used to season tonight's turkey.


Belinda said...

Very nice freebies, especially the eggs!

CTMOM said...

I was thrilled about the eggs! : )
Came my way at a good time since I was almost out!