Friday, February 15, 2013

Today's freebie: lunch

Lunch provided today at work, prior to a meeting. Choice of baked ziti, meatballs in sauce, assorted wrap sandwiches, tossed salad, water/tea/coffee. I specifically asked if there was tuna, was assured that there was, I looked where the tuna was supposed to be, and grabbed a wrap before getting my salad. Took one bite, to discover it was chicken salad. Delicious, but it's Lent. Sigh. So I wrapped it up, brought it home for my lunch tomorrow. I returned to the sandwich tray and took egg salad. Very thoughtful that they had some Lenten choices available, just wish they were clearly marked.

So free lunch today, a free wrap for tomorrow.

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j udy said...

Well I am glad you brought in home(not that you would throw it out) since the good sisters always told us if you made a mistake it was a bigger sin to waste it then to eat it