Sunday, February 17, 2013

This just has to go!

Today, I deep cleaned the refrigerator, and decided that the 6 mini Yoplait Trix strawberry banana yogurts are nothing but lurkers, the kids won't eat them as is. These were gifted to us. The first idea would be to make smoothies, but the oldest 2 who do like them, aren't here. I decided to first decant the mini containers to see just how much I am dealing with.

2 cups.

What to do?

I decided to make my usual sour cream coffee cake, substituting the yogurt (I usually use vanilla yogurt for the sour cream). It's baking now, smells good. Topped with cinnamon-sugar and chopped pecans, I wonder how much "strawberry banana" will actually come thru, especially as I also used double strength vanilla extract. If this is a strong flavor, I can also top it with drained fruit, chocolate sauce, vanilla rhubarb sauce, etc. Lots of ideas. So I was able to use 1 1/2 cups, still have 1/2 cup remaining. Gotta figure out how I'll use this last bit up this week, perhaps muffins.

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Sol said...

any yoghurts no one will eat in our house are whizzed up in the blender with frozen bananas or frozen berries.

Instant frozen yoghurt. a little honey and it is fantastic. try it!