Sunday, February 3, 2013

The slipper plan

When I buy what I call "shower slippers" worn after showering or during Summer months when my L L Bean wicked good slippers simply won't do in the heat, I make a point of buying 2 identical pairs, as I did the last time I bought new ones while on vacation. The ones pictured above were purchased at Big Lots in Whiteville, North Carolina. The brand is Dearfoam, a brand that I have worn since a child.

I am guessing that these 2 pair are at least 3 years old. The right foot one to the right came off of the rubber sole so I ripped it off the rest of the way. I discovered this after laundering them. I will shred this material with my rotary cutter and use it to stuff upcoming draft dodgers. The sole was tossed.

I did, however, keep the still good, and now "extra" left slipper as a possible replacement for the other set of slippers.

I hope to travel down to the Carolinas this Summer, and plan on shopping in Whiteville, one of our usual destinations. Hopefully, I will come across some new scuff slippers, 2 matching pairs, of course.


sheepystitious said...

May I ask why you purchase two pairs at a time? Do you alternate their use somehow to maximize their life? I have heard of this for shoes that are worn all day, for example, to give shoes a chance to breathe. But slippers are not worn for hours - at least in my house (this may not be the case with you!).

Do you also have a second pair of the LLBean slippers (I wear the same!)

CTMOM said...

As a measure towards keeping the floors clean, we wear slippers in the house, shoes are removed at the door. I have 2 pairs of scuff slippers, so one can be tossed in the washer while the other is in use. Once one dies, I keep the remaining lone slipper as a backup for the second pair.This does extend the time needed to replace slippers. I do not have a second pair of wicked good slippers, they are VERY expensive. My first pair really should be replaced as the sheerling lining is worn bare in many spots inside the slipper, the plastic sole is wearing. I think they cost $70 now. The ones I do have were purchased using money gifted to me 2 Christmas's ago.

sheepystitious said...

I husband wears Red Wing Boots every single day and while I would love to get another pair for him to wear on alternate days...we definitely can't afford that at $250 each. And my own LLBean slippers are also in disrepair being about 5 years old now!