Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The good news, and the bad


On average, we were using 10.5 gallons of oil/day at the last oil delivery; as of today's delivery, we are down to 9.6 gallons/day. More bad news: price has gone up again to $4.05/gallon. Can't wait for heating season to end.


Anonymous said...

OMG! That's awful. When we had our house built, instead of getting an oil fired boiler we got a propane one instead. We use 2 gallons a day to heat a 1400 sq ft home. I keep the temp at 64 F, wear a sweater and sleep under an electric blanket at night. I never move the thermostat. It stays at 64 always! Propane only cost $3.09 a gallon BUT our distributor is suffering from the higher prices also. He can only fill us up at 50%. He's just as broke as his customers this winter! Not a good sign.

Stay warm. It's brutal this year.

j udy said...

sigh. We use natural gas and even with getting new window, a new roof, two new doors and having thermal curtains up our bill is going up also. And I have had all of these things done in the last year and half. We are having the house repointed this summer and I am hoping that helps.

Hope the prices go down. I know my Uncle has oil and now this all the kids out of the house he and my aunt are thinking of selling and just downsizing because its just getting to expensive

CTMOM said...

The governor has an incentive program to reduce the number of homes using oil and to covert them over to natural gas:

According to this article, natural gas is 1/2 the cost of oil to heat a home. Sounds good to me.