Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday supper: roast turkey breast

Pulled out one of the 2 turkey breast that I bought a few months ago at Target of all places (I think of them as a dept store) @99/lb-my go to price. Since the limit was 2, that is what I bought, otherwise I would have bought more. Granted there are some bones in the carcass so assume I end up with 6 lbs of breast meat @ just over $1.20/lb. Great deal compared to Boar's Head, which hovers around $9-$10/lb. Leftover meat will be set aside for sandwiches, of course, stock will be made tonight.

Sides are a box of store brand (Crash n burn) turkey "stove top",

 marked down Aldi's fzn brussel sprouts transferred to a glass baking dish for the microwave as my preference is not to cook in plastic, whipped organic CSA butternut, homemade whole berry cranberry sauce,

 Surprise once I opened up the package: it comes with a gravy base to which one adds pan juice to. After it's prepared, I may adjust seasonings to our taste. I often use herbs in gravy.

Here is the seasoned turkey breast (salt, pepper, some Penzey's Bavarian seasoning) and yet another piece of repurposed tin foil.

 A mini Thanksgiving. Temps are a frigid 7 degrees (since warmed up to 28) but at least the sun is shinning. Using the oven will be welcomed for additional heat in the house.

My supper plate:


Belinda said...

Sounds like a great dinner, Carol. :)

Anonymous said...

Yum! We're having turkey today, too.