Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday breakfast

Sunday breakfast for a song: the third batch of pancakes using a crash n burn mix that I paid $1.14 for. It's a just add water version so cost was 38 cents for 13 pancakes. Sure beats the premade frozen or dairy case ones. I had 3, so 8 cents.  I topped mine with homemade Mapeline syrup, again for pennies. Coffee was actually leftover from yesterday. I added Bailey's creme brulee creamer that I paid something like 49 cents/16 oz. Cheap and no additional sugar needed. 1 1/2 cents/ per serving. One Bob Evans roll pork sausage (pricey stuff even when on sale plus cpn!) I think I paid $3 for this sausage, cooked into 8 patties or 4 servings, so 75 cents. Pork fat was strained into a waiting jar for future pan frying. Since the cast iron frying pan was hot and still had enough of a grease coating in it, I used that pan to fry off one egg out of an 89 cents/dozen container or 7 cents. Kills me that the local Greek diner charges 99 cents is you order an extra or just one egg. 2 lb container of strawberries was expensive ($4.99) but I had been to both Xpect and Aldi's where berries are on sale for less, the quality was inferior. So I pinch back in other areas to be able to afford small treats such as berries on my Sunday bfst table. I easily have 7 more servings, so approx 63 cents.

$1.56 if my math is right, for my bfst this morning.


Belinda said...

Definitely a bargain breakfast. :)

Looks delicious and a good point about cutting back in other areas to afford small treats like strawberries. I do that with certain fruits too like the big bags of naval oranges, which are in the area of $7 a bag or so, but oh so good.

CTMOM said...

Belinda, yes, produce is high, even citrus! I was able to use a $2 off fresh grapefruit cpn that you blogged about, thanks!

Belinda said...

You're welcome. That was a great coupon!

CTMOM said...

Grapefruits have been as high as $1 each, sold individually. Stop & Shop had them at $4.99/7 count bag on sale for $3.99 less the $2 cpn, I paid $1.99 for 7 or 28 cents each. : )