Thursday, February 7, 2013

Storm prep


Final storm preparations:

-gallon of milk purchased at the convenience store on the way home (cheapest anyway)-done

-gas tank full-done

-car backed into garage-done

-twigs & branches gathered from yard for fire starting-done

-4 arm loads of firewood brought in-done

-ash bucket emptied-done

-laundry washed and hung to dry-done

-4, 5 gallon water jugs filled and bathtub filled for flushing-done

-basins filled with potable water, covered-done

-cash taken out of bank's ATM-done

-cell phones charged-done

-candles, batteries on hand for flashlights-done

-emergency wind up light/radio on premises-done

-rock salt purchased-done

The only void I can think of is a rechargeable, LED  "camping lantern". I've been searching for one, can't yet find one to my liking. We'll make do. The bulk of the tasks above were completed a long, long time ago. It's the Girl Scout in me.

Grocery stores are a zoo, gas lines spill out onto the street that enters into the driveway to the stations. It's crazy. I had little to do, spent about an hour finishing what needed to be done.

I am ready.

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sheepystitious said...

Wow this looks exactly like my to to list before the storm hit!! I have about 40 2-liter bottles filled with water and some drops of bleach that area always ready for emergencies since we have well water and that cuts out when the power goes. We also have separate drinking water in the smaller 16 oz bottles. Luckily, we were able to continue feeding the bathtub with snow (which slowly melted).

Also - I really like our Coleman LED camping lantern, which I purchased last summer at Walmart - it was around $20, takes C batteries, is light and easy to carry around and is BRIGHT. Love it.