Monday, February 18, 2013

Repair update

I came home Friday from work, to find this new, Moen kitchen faucet. This appears to be the model : (an $87 plus tax investment)

Great, looks better but wait, isn't there a bottom flange piece missing? (shouldn't be able to see the brass mechanicals underneath the faucet) and what about the sink hose sprayer, where is that? I looked under the sink, in the cabinet, and the left side drain pipe was replaced, new water lines (hot and cold) were installed, new shut off valves (not sure that there were any before).

 So, I called the LL's handyman and asked about the missing flange as my concern is that water can still get into this area (and could that cause a leak below into the cabinet?)and what's up with the sink hose sprayer (a tube chase was left that the sprayer fits into, going down under the sink into the cabinet)? Clearly water can get down through that! Handyman (HM) went on about how expensive faucets are and that others with the sprayer were several hundreds of dollars, etc. Yes I understand.

OK, what to do about the current condition? (which HM hadn't seen since it was installed earlier).
He suggested covering the sprayer hole with duct tape for now, he'll call his plumber friend who did the work.

 OK, 3 days go by, no word so I texted him this evening, and asked for an update.I also ask if when the plumber switched out the former faucet, if he took out the nipple water assembly for the hose sprayer. (quick google and You tube search gave me the homework lesson I needed) If he didn't, Home Depot sells assembly replacement kids for under $10 (not $200 as he mentioned previously. AND a sprayer one piece unit that is the actual faucet could have been purchased for about $130). If the sprayer is no longer an option (kind of a negative but better than having a leaking sink), can he get a $2.49 metal sink hole cover installed? I didn't mention it, but I saw metal flanges (looks like they are marketed for showers but if the right size, they would work in this application and would certainly be more attractive if not more water tight. I already noted that if my hands are wet when I touch the faucet, the water from my hands does drip down into this opening onto the brass fittings. And no, I will not make sure to dry my hands every time I turn on/off the faucet. Honestly, I am worried about being labeled a complaining tenant, I just want the job done, but done correctly. I don't expect the $500 faucet, if a $100 one will do the job, fine. No issues. : )

 He'll take care of it was the reply. So, I told him that I am off work this week, have greater availability. Hopefully this will be completed soon.


Nancy said...

I cannot beleive it didn't think you'd research prices. He could have purchased a Moen faucet with a sprayer for $79 at Home Depot. I saw one there yesterday. I'd continue to push for the sprayer myself.

CTMOM said...

If you look again at the photo, you will see that the space for the faucet is very narrow. I suspect that this sink was pricey back in the day. I understand that options would have therefor been limited, but feel that the job, as is, is inferior. A metal flange should be covering the brass fitting of the faucet and the sink sprayer should be replaced; leaving the original sink sprayer housing minus a sprayer was a no-no in my book. So, I am trying to be patient. If I don't have any further communication from the LL's HM who acted as a liaison with his plumber friend, within another day, I'll text him again, then contact the LL directly.