Monday, February 11, 2013

Reminder to shovel TODAY


While I had my driveway plowed twice during the recent blizzard, I still had to hand shovel the front walkway and stairs, as well as in front of the garage, in order to get my car out. Fast forward and it has been raining on/off today, temps are climbing so there is some melting going on and the snowpacked areas on the driveway have become slushy. Noontime found me outside, once again hand shoveling, this time the driveway, to clear off any loose snowpack and to push the slush off of the blacktop as temps will once again plummet to the 20's tonight, meaning refreezing. I want as much off of the drive as possible to prevent ice build up and a possible fall, especially as the boys walk up/down the drive twice a day for the bus stop at the end of the driveway, not to mention my getting the mail and newspaper daily. Preventive measures.

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Precious said...

I sure hope spring arrives early. I am so sick of snow.