Saturday, February 16, 2013

Redoing a chair


I own a vintage, Cosco (no relation to the big box store I believe) step stool chair. It came with my previous home. Years ago, DX recovered the back and seat base with some heavy duty, bright blue vinyl that I bought at Affordable Fabrics in Milford, CT. My chair looks like the one above.

I really appreciate the sturdiness of older home furnishings. I am guessing that this chair is from 1955, so call it at least 55 years old. Covered once, I am getting ready to recover it again. This time, I chose black, heavy duty vinyl, purchased at Joann's but only needed a 1/2 of a yard, I spent $9.04 to recondition this chair. I am also considering using Rustoleum on the legs (currently a beige-copper color with rust, wear). My kitchen table is white with grey marbeling over black legs. The recently purchased Cosco folding chairs will be reconditioned after a good clean up and WD40 application, to become a somewhat matching dinette set. I currently have a painted Decan's bench, a maple chair, an oak chair. These chairs are black.


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