Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oh nuts!

I am very fortunate; I receive bags of South Carolinian pecans every year as a gift. I have had "walnuts" on my grocery list for months, don't buy any as I am not willing to pay $6.49/lb or more. Pecans are even MORE expensive.Pictured to the left is a repurposed jar that I use for storing nuts in the refrigerator for immediate use, the bulk otherwise is stored in the freezer. Today, I am baking, and I needed to replenish my jar of nuts in the fridge. I went to the freezer and pulled out my last remaining bag of SC pecans. Once these are used up . . . I'll have to wait until I return to SC this Summer, as I highly doubt that I'll be buying any replacements, just too expensive.


Lili said...

Lucky you to receive pecans as a gift! They're about $13-14/lb here.

At Christmas, I buy a very small amount of pecans for baking and special dishes. (Unfortunately I'm allergic to walnuts, and so are my kids.) But for the rest of the year, I've switched to sunflower seeds, for granola, cookies and breads. I can buy raw sunflower seeds for $1.49/lb at one store nearby.

I do buy almonds a few times per year, and several cans of mixed nuts just after Thanksgiving, on sale for about $2.99/ 15 oz. can.

Have you tried pretzel pieces in cookies and bars? I like them in chocolate chip cookies. They add crunch for a fraction of the price of nuts.

Marcia in rural WNY said...

Even at Sam's Club walnuts were over $7 a lb last time I checked. I have been using fewer of them, and adding a handful of choc chips to my brownies instead of a whole cup of nuts. I haven't bought pecans since the price went up, but I do like the sliced almonds which I can buy in a small package to avoid spending a lot at once. Overall, it's not cost effective, but they are so pretty in some dishes, especially an apple/almond tart I make occasionally that I will buy them once in a while.

a beer said...

just wanted to say hello - love your blog. have had a similar exp, to you and have to budget big time for day to day living.
i too have things on my shopping list that i cannot afford to/ justify extra cost. thank god for lidl and aldi and their cheap alternatives.