Friday, February 15, 2013

March menus

Pantry based cooking and meal planning continues. High oil bills, investing in some rugs to warm up the house has me pinching even more pennies. Add in the funds that I borrowed from my "house fund," and I am looking at my pantry to help save some dollars, if not pennies next month.

2-clam chowder (use canned clams), saltines
3-beef-turkey(use fzn meats) meatloaf, Creole cabbage, mashed potatoes
4-tuna cakes, peas (fzn)and carrots, instant mashed potatoes
5-franks (fzn) and baked beans, coleslaw
7-Farfale with sausage (fzn) crumbles in sauce, green bean saute
9-Tuscan lentil soup, biscuits
10-roast chicken (fzn)rice, green beans
11-creamed salmon, boiled potatoes, beets
12-planned overs: chicken divan casserole (use fzn broccoli crowns),salad
14-kale-apple chicken sausage (both fzn)quiche, salad
15-beer battered Whiting (fzn) fillets, oven fries, coleslaw, corn
16-potage St Germain (use fzn ham)
17-corned beef (fzn) and cabbage
18-baked Salmon fillets(fzn), rice, corn
19-planned overs: corned beef hash, baked beans
21-chicken Parmesan (use fzn breaded ck cutlets) over spaghetti, salad
23-turkey-rice soup(use fzn stock)
24-pork(fzn) chop bake, green and wax beans
25-horseradish encrusted fish (fzn) fillets,(fzn) kale, carrots, coleslaw
26-Salisbury steaks (use fzn beef), mashed potatoes, stewed tomatoes, Fr green beans
28-CP turkey (use fzn) chilli with dried beans
30-turkey-noodle soup (use fzn stock)
31-Easter at Uncle's home

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Precious said...

Menu looks delicious especially the clam chowder soup and horseradish encrusted fish.