Saturday, February 9, 2013

Latest doorway curtain

Here's my latest doorway curtain, made by repurposing a too thin to my liking, twin sized, cotton flannel, flat sheet. Rather than cutting it down to size, I measured 12 inches off of the end and sewed the top of this new hem straight across, using white thread. The sheet is a beige and white, hounds tooth  check, so it matches my color scheme, not that this is an overly important factor. I am just looking to snug things up in the living room, which is where this doorway is (between the LR and L porch DR). I am using a tension rod to hold it into place and will use clear push pins down one side of it, to better tighten it up against the doorway/jamb. This helps to keep the drafts from directly blowing upon us. A divide and conquer theory.

Project cost was only the tension rod from WM.

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