Saturday, February 2, 2013

I LOVE Savers

 I stopped in at Savers today, and walked out with some wonderful bargains! First, a blue and white, ceramic jar candle topper (most likely from Yankee Candle) and a 19 oz 3 layer Candle-lite company jar candle. (, which originally was $20. I paid $1.99 for each item.
 A brand new, cotton flannel Queen size sheet set from Martex. $10. Got home and figured out why it ended up at Savers, one case is missing. No problem, I have tons.
 A thick, blue, reversable, nubby, rectangular scatter bath rug that will be placed in front of the sink in the powder room. I have off white walls, green/blue/cranberry Country Curtains floral stripe in there, so really any color will go. Also got a brand new, yellow toilet rug for the water closet of the main bath, whose other bath rugs in front of each of the double sinks, are yellow as well, and this same brand. I also got a 6 ct pkg of white ceramic napkin rings for the dining room.
 2 vintage, linen table cloths for the kitchen. Looks like they belonged to someone, who put them away and never used them. The one to the right is white on white, with embroidered fleur-de-lis all over, and finally having an embroidered overcast edge of soft green-turquoise. The one to the left is a tad smaller, I was worried that perhaps I couldn't use it.
It just fits, will be fine. Georgeous linen with 2 shades of blue embroidery. Matches beautifully with my kitchen.


j udy said...

I am always picking up old hand stitched linens at thrift shops and anywhere else I can. I also have my grandmoms and great grandmoms that I save for special occasions but the other ones I use all the time. I simple purchased a heavy plastic clear table cloth a few years ago and put it over them. I use the napkins all the time and also use them as simple doilees in the bedrooms. You cant beat the workmanship and quality

great bargains for you today

Belinda said...

More good deals! Flannel sheets for $10 is unheard of around here. Things like that rarely make it to the thrift stores. Great find. :)

CTMOM said...

Belinda, I sacrificed the worst 2 sets of mine already, for living room entry onto porch coverings, leaving me with a like new set, gifted to me by Mom, and a fourth set, that now looks downright worn out, compared to what I just bought for $10!

CTMOM said...

these are definite treasures that we will enjoy. Paid a mere $6-$9 for these.