Sunday, February 17, 2013

I always get nervous


This is the time of year that I get more nervous over finances. I redo my budget every January, documents are sorted out for tax preparation, larger heating bills (luckily Christmas is budgeted for so that isn't an issue), home maintenance expenses to make this rental more of a comfortable home for us.. I have 9 more paychecks until I stop working for the academic year. I prorate my take home pay over 12 months to cover me for the Summer. Although I have a sizeable savings account, that is earmarked for my next home, and I hope to build on that A LOT this upcoming year. I act as though that money doesn't exist, except for when I make my monthly deposit.

I did have to acquire some furnishings, there was car maintenance, unexpected car purchase for college boy, some medical bills. I've accounted for those, we continue to live under budget and I am putting savings towards recent expenditures to cover them.

Still, focusing on financials can be nerve wracking for me; it is what it is. I do have a budget, I do whatever I can to stay below it, it does provide me some sense of control. I am now anticipating what expenses will be coming up: need to review clothing needs for the boys, my clothing needs for Spring/Summer (A lot of what I am currently wearing will transfer nicely into the warmer months). 4 birthdays this Summer, hopefully some vacation plans as well, although they will be modest.

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