Friday, February 22, 2013

How long can I go?

Before replacing a roll of paper towels? Apparently 6 months! And it would have been a bit longer but the plumber used some. ; )

Just one item that really is kept off of my grocery list. I prefer to use rags for every day cleaning, dish washing, hand drying (use hanging kitchen towels for that). I change these rags and towels out daily, we've had no health issues as a result of my practices. I'll keep my pennies in my change purse. At $2.49 for the good ones, paper towels are an expense that I can do without. At my former home, it wasn't unusual to go through a roll/week if I didn't stay on top of people about using rags and towels instead.


Cheapchick said...

I own about 15 Dishtowels and 10 dishcloths that I also use for cleaning. When they get too ratty they go in hubbys collection for using on the vehicles. We don't use that many paper towels either - they are expensive and not food so low on the priority list. Cheers!

Nancy said...

I went years without buying paper towels at all. We go through about a roll a month now keeping them for cleaning glass and draining bacon.